Sunday, June 21, 2015


Saturday, January 18, 2014

For The Tube..

19th And Vanity Ave.

im just in A daze...

im just in a phase, where im young, and i could give a FUCK! what any body say.

always caught up in my feelings; They say im stuck in my ways.. 

its like im stuck in a maze, but they be so amazed.

how im rolling in the deep, when im only 19.

plus im still about the action like a fucking fight scene.

im just so intellegent, im just so inticing..

but they cant see my point of veiw, so now im fucking sight seeing.

visine. eyes red.. wide screen.

life in high defition.

this is my depositon, no defence mechanisms, 

cause they no where in my league.

just look at how i run this shit, and i aint nowhere near fatigue.

yall so tired, yall so boring, i sware im no where near intrigued.

i've been climbing to the top, now i got it down to a T.

-Kaashif Iman

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My S.Projectwason Euthanasia, andweatherwe should have therighttochoose death. (SpokenWordPoetry)(2011)

Kashif El-Amin
Senior Project
Ms. Jones
3 April 2011

Dark Clouds and Tears…
What is this feeling I’m feeling, Numbness no feeling inside of me-
Like how can I pull the plug, on the only woman I loved entirely-
See she never asked for much, but such a task she desires from me-
It’s what she wishes though, her deepest desire she-
Rather fade away relieved, than to be stressing beside of me-
This Disease is raping her, cancerous sodomy-
So she screams for a savior, she is in dire need, then she pleads for me to save her, what is this irony?-
And as I stare into her gorgeous eyes her eye are eyeing me-
I’m thinking to my self like how can I put a date on her expiration-
More than that what is my explanation, for when I am condemned-
For being a sinner or committing a sin- 
Then again this is not about ethics morals and religious beliefs- 
See this is about the right to choose her choice not me-
But she choose me, so given that, I must in fact endow her with her relief-
And hope that we can meet again someday maybe on a Sunday or a sunny day-
That way the weather is better, instead of this bitter weather right here-
100 percent chance of dark clouds and tears...